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Sculpture of Antinous against a curtain background

Antinous, 1987

White tulip's petal touching blade of knife.

Tulip, 1985

Frank Diaz, 1979

Frank Diaz, 1979

Daisy, 1979

Daisy, 1979

Ken, Tyler, and Lydia--all nude--standing in a triangular pose.

Ken, Lydia, and Tyler, 1985

Five calla lilies against a black background. One extends straight upward from the bottom center of the image with the other four stems crossing over it to either side.

Calla Lily, 1983

Man covering his head with both arms. Black circle behind him.

Frank Langella, 1984

Close up of a flower set against a black background

Flower, 1984

Louise Nevelson staring wide-eyed at the camera, wearing all black.

Louise Nevelson, 1986