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A woman in lingerie photographed from behind wearing one opera glove and flexing one arm.

Lisa Lyon, 1981

Single daisy in a vase, centered on table.

African Daisy, 1982

Carole Davis, 1983

Carole Davis, 1983

Aira wearing fur coat, lots of jewelry, and makeup.

Aira, 1979

NYC Contemporary Ballet, 1980

NYC Contemporary Ballet, 1980

Portrait of a man with his head down resting on his hands.

Shedric, 1980

Portrait of a man in profile with slicked back hair wearing an earring.

Smutty, 1982

Outdoor portrait of a woman in a studded leather jacket and large hoop earrings.

Amanda Lear, 1976

Portrait of Bob Love in 3/4 view.

Bob Love, 1979