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Portrait of a woman in a pinstripe suit with one hand touching her long dark hair.

Patti Smith, 1986

Flowers in a vase against a geometric white and black background.

Flower, 1984

Black male in profile, waist to knees, in thermal pants.

Michael Spencer, 1983

NYC Contemporary Ballet, 1980

NYC Contemporary Ballet, 1980

Two Calla Lillies, with stems crossed, pointing opposite directions.

Calla Lily, 1983

George Bussey holding his head with both hands, face not visible.

George Bussey, 1979

Rose bouquet in a glass vase.

Rose, 1982

Profile portrait of a topless woman from the shoulders up.

Barbara Hairston, 1983

A stem with six orchids in a thick geometric glass vase which reflects light and rests on a black tabletop in front of a grey background.

Orchid, 1982