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A rose with smoke in the background.

Rose with Smoke, 1985

Self-Portrait of artist holding skull cane.

Self Portrait, 1988

Tulip, 1985

Tulip, 1985

White Gauze, 1984

White Gauze, 1984

A tulip and a parrot tulip extending toward each other and toward the center of the image against a black background from the bottom left and top right of the image.

Tulip, 1984

Woman in polka dot dress facing away from the camera.

Phyllis Tweel, 1979

Lisa Lyon reclining in long dress.

Lisa Lyon, 1982

Five calla lilies against a black background. One extends straight upward from the bottom center of the image with the other four stems crossing over it to either side.

Calla Lily, 1983

Statue of sleeping cupid reclining with white square in upper left corner.

Sleeping Cupid, 1989