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Black male foot with leather straps wrapped around ankle.

Untitled, 1973, Polaroid

Male chest with flecks of light upon it.

Chest, 1983

Torso of shirtless man, hands folded.

Untitled, c. 1973, Polaroid

Nude portrait of a black woman in profile, back up.

Barbara Hairston, 1983

Three leaves against gray background.

Amaryllis, 1977

Series of rectangular apartment windows.

Apartment Windows, 1977

Black male in overcoat facing away from camera.

Jack Walls, 1983

Princess Margaret and a man looking towards the right, on a beach.

Princess Magaret, 1976

A few larger trees in the foreground of the landscape, surrounded by plants.

Puerto Rico, 1981

Black male in profile, waist to knees, in thermal pants.

Michael Spencer, 1983

Patti Smith lying on bed in polka dot dress.

Patti Smith, c. 1971, Polaroid

Black male wearing unbuttoned shirt and jeans, hands holding belt.

Phillip Prioleau, 1980

Nude white male in profile from the chest up, wearing leather hat and choker.

Peter Berlin, c. 1974, Polaroid

Shirtless white male with hands on hips, standing on boardwalk surrounded by foliage.

Peter Berlin, 1977

Black male portrait in profile, chest and neck only.

Alistair Butler, 1980

Black male portrait in profile, head facing up.

Allistair Butler, 1980

Four orchid flowers protruding from one stem with black background.

Orchids, 1983

Horse in profile, facing to the right with trees in background.

Horse #4, 1982