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Black male portrait in profile, head facing up.

Allistair Butler, 1980

Two men, both shirtless, hugging.

Embrace, 1982

Lisa Lyon in profile wearing a black veil and leather corset, one hand grasping the other arm's wrist.

Lisa Lyon, 1982

William Burroughs looking through a gun and wearing a suit.

William Burroughs, 1981

Lisa Lyon's leg extending upwards against geometric background.

Lisa Lyon, 1981

Self-Portrait in makeup and fur collar.

Self Portrait, 1980

Man crouching in window, wearing cowboy hat, pants, and and vest looking down with penis visible.

Victor Huston, 1979

Holly Solomon in profile, reclining on bed, with a cigarette in hand.

Holly Solomon, 1976

Hand in leather glove and bracelet writing "Pictures."

Self Portrait, 1977