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Portrait of Joseph Kosuth in 3/4 view.

Joseph Kosuth, 1982

Milton Moore in profile with arms outstretched.

Milton Moore, 1981

Drawing of person in 3/4 on gingham background, framed.

Untitled (Gingham Portrait), 1973, Unique

Nude sculpture facing away from camera in a pose.

The Sluggard, 1988

Bust of head and neck, a book, and a skull atop paisley textile.

Bust and Skull, 1987

Candy Darling using eyelash curler.

Candy Darling, 1972, Polaroid

A single leaf.

Leaf, 1987

Nude white man facing away from camera from the torso up, holding horns.

Frank Diaz, 1980

Robbi Chong looking directly at camera, shirtless.

Robbi Chong, 1982