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Galeria SENDA is pleased to present its third solo exhibition by photographer Robert Mapplethorpe (New York, 1946 – Boston, 1989). The exhibition will be comprised of Mapplethorpe’s Silver Gelatin prints. We are proud to let the art of Mapplethorpe open the new season in a joint project with Asociación Art Barcelona.

After the exhibition “Flowers” in 2001 and “Black Nude Men” in 2004, the first two solo gallery exhibitions by Mapplethorpe in Barcelona, we are pleased to announce a new exhibition in galeria SENDA. Like the two previous exhibitions, this one is also organized in collaboration with the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation in New York, and especially with the help of Director Monica Eulitz. Robert Mapplethorpe founded this non-profit Foundation in 1988 about ten months before he died. He wanted to secure his creative legacy, promote the recognition of photography as a fine art form and support medical research in the area of HIV infection and AIDS.

The exhibition consists of a selection of 20 works on different subjects united by one technique, the Silver Gelatin print. The works are characteristic of Mapplethorpe, however, some of the photographs are not widely known or often published. One of the purposes of this exhibition is to familiarize our audience with lesser-known works of Mapplethorpe.

Galeria SENDA has developed a program of photography. Amongst the many actors involved in the contemporary art system, art galleries play a fundamental role in the contemporary artistic process. Galleries approach the audience with contemporary artworks, and our role is to be a bridge between artists and society. With this exhibition we would like to strengthen our position as an advisor to cultural institutions and private collectors when they are in search of appropriate works to purchase.