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Portrait of a woman in a polka dot dress and hat from behind.

Phyllis Tweel, 1979

Ken Moody and Robert Sherman, both in profile, facing to the left.

Ken Moody and Robert Sherman, 1984

Lisa Lyon's leg at a diagonal.

Lisa Lyon, 1982

Ajitto sitting on pedestal, head facing into knees.

Ajitto, 1981

Two white men in leather jackets kissing.

Larry and Bobby Kissing, 1979 

Sculpture of a woman without head, arms, and legs.

Female Torso, 1978

Tattered American flag flying.

American Flag, 1977

Philip Glass and Robert Wilson seated on chairs, facing camera.

Philip Glass and Robert Wilson, 1976

John McKendry next to outlets, only have of face visible.

John McKendry, 1975