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Self portrait in open vest against brick wall

Self Portrait, 1973, Unique

Philip Glass and Robert Wilson seated on chairs, facing camera.

Philip Glass and Robert Wilson, 1976

Self-Portrait in leather jacket, smoking cigarette.

Self Portrait, 1980

David Hockney laying on wooden bench with Henry Geldzahler sitting in profile.

David Hockney and Henry Geldzahler, 1976

Portrait of Bob Love in 3/4 view.

Bob Love, 1979

Lowell Smith's hands holding white square.

Lowell Smith, 1981

Lisa Lyon in profile wearing a black veil and leather corset, one hand grasping the other arm's wrist.

Lisa Lyon, 1982

Four polaroids of Candy Darling speaking on the phone

Candy Darling, 1973, Unique

Ken Moody nude from the chest up, facing camera, eyes closed.

Ken Moody, 1983

Alice Neel with eyes closed and mouth open.

Alice Neel, 1984

One bloomed poppy flower and one poppy bud intertwined.

Poppy, 1988

Self-Portrait of artist holding skull cane.

Self Portrait, 1988